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A claim for infringement
Relevant Ads, Inc.
Fountain Valley, CA

Authorized representative information

David J Rodecker
10175 Slater Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Owner, officer, partner or member
GGL Projects, Inc

Designated service agent

1528 South El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94402
Local Splash
Relevant Ads, Inc.
Literary (such as fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reference works)
Standard Character Mark
Publicly display the work
1/2022 - Present
In online search engines include: and Via webpage publicly promoted at
GGL Projects, Inc. publishes a public website where its users can openly submit content. GGL Projects, Inc is buffered by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, this protection, however, does not give them latitude to use a competitors trademarked term to unfairly compete and be unjustly enriched. contains a webpage that uses Relevant Ads trademarked term: "Local Splash". Relevant Ads and GGL Projects, Inc. are business competitors that offer the same, or very similar, business services. GGL Projects, Inc. is using Relevant Ads' trademarked term in a matter that simultaneously damages Relevant Ads as well as enriches their Sitejabber property and which they profit from sales. is causing their webpage to be promoted and found by search engines, including Google and Bing, using the “Local Splash” trademarked term. sells a “paid plan” that is the same or very similar services that compete with the services that Relevant Ads provides its Local Splash customers.
GGL Projects, Inc. aka
Relevant Ads suffers direct economic losses due to the tortious interference by GGL Projects. Relevant Ads existing and prospective online customers are illicitly drawn away to the website in which Sitejabber sells a competing offering. Relevant Ads Customer-X has been lured to Sitejabbers website through their promotion of the “Local Splash” term to search engines and, as a result, it has caused Customer-X to sever their services contract. Moreover, Customer-X has gone on to provide material benefit to GGL Projects, Inc. through usage of the website including purchasing the Sitejabber "paid plan". Sitejabber’s "paid plan" is a service that competes for the same, or very similar, service offer that Relevant Ads provides. Relevant Ads has a direct loss of revenue due to the severed agreement of Customer-X is $3,289 as well as damages to process the loss.