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April A Phillips
Austin, TX

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April A Phillips
Austin, TX
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Letters to God: A Party Girls Guide To Rock Bottom
April Phillips
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April 2019 - Present
Kenn Dunn was the owner of Next Century Publishing in Austin, Texas at the time. He resigned from the company a month before it closed down in April of 2019. The websites and contact information were immediately taken down and the office was vacant when I went to see his staff in person.
My book was published on October 9, 2018. The original contract stated that the contract was good for two years and that I had full creative control along with the rights. 6 months after the release date, an email was sent out to all authors advising that the company was closing down and that our files would be sent to us. Any accounts where our book was being sold would be transferred in our names. The files were never transferred and royalties have not been paid to date. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle have been selling my book on their sites and sending the money elsewhere. I'm assuming to Kenn Dunn.
Since this is the second time that I've been taken advantage of by a publishing company, this situation took a toll on my mental health. The thought of someone else taking credit and making money off my work made me physically ill and caused severe depression. I was left in financial strains that affected my livelihood and was almost evicted. I've reached out to the online sites to have the files transferred and continue to get an automated response. I paid an estimated amount of $5,000 and have no idea how many books have been sold or the amount that is owed to me. I had to stop promoting my book and take down my websites. This situation also made me an open target to thieves trying to steal my intellectual property and plagiarizing my book on their IG and Facebook pages. I've made both local police and the FBI reports on the people I believe were doing this. I have not sent a takedown notice because I do not wish to have the book removed, I would rather have the account transferred under my name and royalties paid. If that is not an option and the book is taken down, I ask that I be compensated what's owed along with compensation to be able to recreate my dream elsewhere. 3 years is a long time to be at a stand still because of someone else greed.