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Robert Kramer
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Traevena Byrd
From Skillset to Mindset
Robert Kramer
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Mr. Robert Tobias copied the following text, almost in whole, from my copyrighted article: The ALFA program begins with AU faculty working with the agency director to identify 1-3 difficult organizational challenges along with identifying an executive sponsor for each challenge. AU faculty then meet with each executive sponsor to assess the suitability of the problem for the Action Learning process; clarify the roles of the AU faculty, executive sponsor, and the team members; and provide guidance in selecting an effective Action Learning team. The executive sponsor for each challenge then selects Action Learning teams comprising 6-7 people each. Days 1-3:The first three days are classroom-based and focused on developing the leadership competencies necessary to utilize the Action Learning methodology. The class will focus on such skills as active listening, asking powerful questions, reflection, strategic thinking, and problem solving. Each team member is required to select one or more personal leadership developmental goals on which to work during the Action Learning process. Participants are challenged to let go of ingrained perceptions of leadership and problem solving - psychic prisons built over the years that limit our mind's ability to see and solve. This part of the program guides students beyond the ability of taking a step away and viewing a leadership challenge from the outside. Instead, it teaches them to observe themselves observing leadership challenges. Furthermore, it embraces unlearning, taboo topics, questioning, and the sheer beauty of simply not knowing. Days 4-5:The latter part of the first week, also in the classroom, introduces students to the foundation and structure of the Action Learning model. It is at this point that students begin to couple, in real time, the perceptual changes occurring in Days 1-3, with the structural components of Action Learning, and the context of the identified agency problem(s). By the end of day five, the Action Learning teams have engaged in the necessary steps to fully implement the Action Learning model and have developed a plan for implementation over the next 4-6 months Days 6-10:After the initial week, AU Action Learning coaches attend up to five meetings, at the agency, with the Action Learning Teams. This approach ensures teams maintain consistency in using the Action Learning methodology and refines the leadership skills necessary to properly apply the Action Learning process. As Action Learning Coaches continue to meet with the teams, they work to gauge their progress, review individual leadership competency development plans, and assess future steps. Action Learning teams are encouraged to share what's working along with what is not, and make necessary adjustments. Team members are also encouraged to meet on their own as needed and to consider their Action Learning project as a vehicle for bringing to light their capacity as an extraordinary leader, a learning leader, and a teaching leader. With the guidance of AU faculty and coaches, team members are challenged to reflect periodically on the following questions over the course of the Action Learning project: Are those on the team growing as human beings? Are they meeting their developmental goals? Are they more willing to ask questions about their own values, assumptions, beliefs, and expectations? Are they increasing their "headroom"? Are they more likely to become learning leaders in their own right? Are they willing to experience negative capability? Is the team proceeding towards making recommendations to address the identified problem?
I am unable to market my leader development program to Federal agencies in Washington DC because Mr. Tobias uses the weight and imprimatur of American University to market his own program, based almost entirely on my copyrighted article. See pp. 40-41 for the text that he plagiarized on his web site from my article. As a result of this copyright violation, I (as an independent consultant) have lost a substantial amount of income in the Federal market. I seek $30,000 in relief for my losses.